Family law matters are the most intimate and personal our legal system handles.  We understand you have many things to think about for such cases. Where will I live?  Where will my spouse live?  What about the cars and the credit cards?  Who will have the children?  How will I pay my bills if I don't work?  We understand your concerns and will work with you to answer your questions and resolve your matters in a timely and successful manner. We have achieved successful results for many clients, while understanding the impact beyond the courtroom. Whether you're looking for help with an uncontested divorce, believe you may be able to mediate or think a trial will be necessary, we can help you from beginning to end. We understand that there is more to family law cases than what happens in court.  Together will discuss and decide what is best for you now, and in the future. 

We provide assistance in the following family law matters:

  • Divorce: Contested or Uncontested
  • Property Division
  • Support: Child and/or Spousal
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Property Separation Agreements
  • Relocation Matters
  • Modifications of Prior Family Law Orders
  • Enforcement of Family Law Orders
  • Pre-nuptial/Pre-marital Agreements 
  • Protective Orders