Originally from New England, I was born and raised outside of Boston.  I received my B.S. in International Affairs from the University of Maine, followed by my Juris Doctorate from New England School of Law. I began my legal career as a Judicial Clerk in the Probate and Family Court of Massachusetts, where I worked on both domestic relations and estate litigation cases. This position gave me a unique understanding of the judicial system from the inside. I subsequently worked at a small firm where I represented incapacitated individuals in guardianship hearings. In September 2009, I relocated with my family to Virginia and became the Senior Family Law Attorney at the Tahirih Justice Center, in Falls Church, Virginia. Fighting to protect the rights of immigrant victims of domestic violence, I understand the traumatic impact of family disruption and have seen what a bitter court battle can do to a family.  I work hard to avoid such outcomes.

My goal is helping my clients make informed decisions, in their best interests, whether it be drafting a will or litigating a custody matter, in the most amicable and timely way possible.  When it comes to family matters, I believe it’s important to understand the lasting impact of decisions made in legal proceedings.  As such, I strive to be sensitive to these delicate situations and pursue fairness for all.  I make sure my clients understand all the facets of their case, including possible issues in the future, and what options they have.  Divorce, custody, and support are emotional, personal matters that do not fit neatly into our law-based judicial system. I work with my clients to get through these matters with minimal pain and as fast as possible so the family can heal and move on.  However, I understand that it takes both parties to be willing to compromise and realize, sometimes that may not possible.  In those cases, I fight hard for my clients while still working to minimize the impact on the family.